About Us

Layla Cook & Beverly McChesney

started Mama Rubys LLC in 2016.  It was the perfect compliment to their Mystical Fair LLC.   Layla, Beverly & Jim McChesney, as co-owners, work hard to bring you the best in Metaphysical, Holistic, and other types of Entertaining Events.  All three have long professional histories, working in business, event planning, government, the arts, development, sales and more. Now we bring that experience to you, creating the most fun, festive, safe, and memorable events possible. 

The Lecture Series

Metaphysical and Paranormal simply mean 'beyond the physical' or 'beyond what is perceived as normal'.  Meta subjects range from holistic practices, to alternative realities, to psychic abilities, to spirits.....the list is long and fascinating. People want to know, and Mama is here to show, by offering some of the most learned names in Meta subjects.  Many of the lectures will be followed by a Special Event.

Series Begins 2019

Watch this site for Lecturers & Locations!